I just truly don’t give a fuck how divisive this topic is and who I piss off. FUCK YOUR FEELINGS about it, seriously. Shove your THOUGHT AND PRAYERS up your ass. Children are DYING in their schools and it’s about time we did something more than NOTHING about it. This is a public health epidemic and the issue that needs to be addressed first and foremost in this country before we fix anything else. Because, welp, we can’t do something about how people parent their children now, can we? We can’t force people to get help for their mental health issues now, can we? We can’t do anything about guns, can we? OH WAIT. We absolutely CAN!  

I don’t give a fuck which way you lean and who you voted for and how much you love America. Take politics OUT of the conversation. When innocent people get lit up with bullets in their schools, concerts, grocery stores, churches etc. politics have to be tabled for the greater good of our society. Guns are protected by the CoNsTiTuTiOn you say?! Welp, men in fucking WIGS wrote that shit so I think it’s high time we amended that fucking amendment don’t you?? Plus they were using MUSKETS to defend this country during the revolution, which took thirty seconds to load. I’m pretty sure that our founding fathers are rolling in their graves knowing that our current gun loving lawmakers are abusing the logic behind the right to bear arms to allow teenagers with semi-automatic weapons and gun clips that can rain FIFTY BULLETS into a crowd in those same thirty seconds. 

To the people that think that toxic gun culture is part of the freedom of this country, please FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF. FOURTEEN (update: EIGHTEEN) CHILDREN and one adult (update: two) are dead because you make this issue about your FREEDUMB and the protection of your precious murder machines instead of protecting the lives of innocent people. Would having stricter gun regulations have prevented our grandparents from dying in a grocery store two weeks ago? I don’t fucking know but the least we can do is TRY to make it harder to put guns in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. 

And regulations need to happen at the FEDERAL level, because assholes in Chicago, which has some of the strictest legislation, can just hop on over to the state next door and purchase a gun quicker/easier. SHUT IT DOWN. SHUT IT ALLLLLLLL DOWN. 

Shut down the guns shows. Shut down open AND concealed carry. Shut down all of Texas while we’re at it. Shut down the NRA. Send the ENTIRETY of the FBI to the black market to seize all of the guns there. Shut down Walmart. Fuck it, shut down the whole internet! We don’t deserve nice things anymore. Oh, if we start regulating guns more harshly then only the criminals will have them? CRIMINALS ALREADY FUCKING HAVE THEM! The fuck you talking about?? Let’s try to prevent the misguided next generation from getting their hands on them. Your dad in Alabama who likes to hunt already has his guns, fam! The FBI probably won’t be showing up at your door to ask you nicely to have any of those back. 

Logistically no one could ever take all of the guns away that are already in circulation anyway. We are not Canada or Australia where if the president/prime minister were to say something like, “would you mind surrendering your extra guns? We’ll pay you for them!” anyone would actually do it. You cannot separate Americans, especially in the south, from their guns, unfortunately.  

Americans claim they want guns to PROTECT themselves. First of all, all you need is one simple handgun to accomplish that goal. Any more than that is excessive and unnecessary. Have your stupid ass protection weapon if that’s what you need to feel safe. If you live in a mountain state with wild animals and you need to protect yourself from that, then by all means get yourself a cute little rifle as a treat. No one is disallowing you from that privilege. But you should have to jump through FLAMING hoops, wait for thirty days or more, take a class, get a license, give a background check, fuck it, have everyone in your home have a background check and then and only then, should you be able to own and operate something whose sole purpose is to KILL PEOPLE. 

Give me your reasons for needing MULTIPLE guns, SEMI-AUTOMATIC or AUTOMATIC rifles, GUNS of ANY KIND unlocked and accessible in a home where there are white male teenagers with anger issues present. 

Guys, every fucking country in this world has people with mental health issues. This is a strictly AMERICAN culture issue and it needs to change RIGHT FUCKING NOW. I need more people like TED CRUZ, who has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NRA, and his cronies to STAND UP and shelve their personal interests for one second and say something other than, “tHoUgHtS and PrAyErS.” What is it going to take before he stands up for what’s right? One of his kids getting shot up in his/her school?

If it were up to me I would snatch every gun in circulation and melt them into a statue of a middle finger and erect it in the middle of Dallas. But we don’t live in a perfect world. That will never happen. When people ask for more gun control we aren’t suggesting that yours get taken away, however, STATISTICALLY having a gun in your home makes you LESS safe since half the time it isn’t locked up and stored properly. Children can easily get their hands on it, suicidal people see it as an easy option, people get scared and accidentally shoot their kid breaking into their bedroom past curfew etc. etc. And if it IS locked up and stored properly, then it isn’t of much use anyway when someone busts into your house to steal all of your shit in the middle of the night while you’re dead asleep. He also probably doesn’t want to kill you. He just wants your money! 

Guns are rarely used as protection unless you are into some really shady business, a cop, or in the mafia. If only every child at Robb Elementary had a gun to protect themselves from the mass shooting! Or a shaky substitute teacher with no gun training who has to unlock a gun out of a drawer and be at the ready when someone barrels in while they are sitting ducks! If only all of those elderly people at the grocery store in Buffalo were packing!

I don’t know, man. I thought Sandy Hook would be the breaking point and it wasn’t. Thoughts and prayers, I guess. I’m exhausted.

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