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Shroom People

You know how I know when someone is really into mushrooms? THEY NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT.  This is how people used to be about weed until they realized that no one who wasn’t also high 24/7 or selling it gives a shit about hearing about it. You wanna do drugs? Have atContinue reading “Shroom People”

People Who Vape Indoors

The AUDACITY that people who chronically vape have I SWEAR will cause me to snap some day. Smoking your vape INSIDE? As if that smoke is not in ANY way bothering others in your direct vicinity and otherwise? And you KNOW very well that it’s against the law/rules and yet you do it anyway?? WayContinue reading “People Who Vape Indoors”

Famous Cheaters

This is probably not going to be about what you think it’s going to be about. I’m not going to go on a rant about cheaters themselves (plus, I already did that in my book, Find Me Somebody to Love, which you can buy on Amazon here LOLZ). This is about people who are soContinue reading “Famous Cheaters”

Corporate Mode

By Rachel Haberkern Working in a 9-5 environment (which is actually 8-6, let’s be honest) is often times comical.  We have created an entirely new way to speak to each other which can only be described as aggressively passive.  Anyone out there that says “oh, my work environment is great! We communicate well, get along,Continue reading “Corporate Mode”

Public Bathroom Etiquette

Did you know that the toilet seat in a public bathroom is probably cleaner than your toilet at home? Because it is bleached within an inch of its life at least once a day, unlike your filthy ass toilet which you probably clean once a week, AT MOST.  So why tf are you squatting overContinue reading “Public Bathroom Etiquette”

Raw Dogging

Men are such fucking babies about putting a thin piece of latex over that dangly appendage between their legs. “It’s too tiiiiiight,” they’ll whine at you while you’re busy still trying to digest the news about reproductive rights being taken away from women in this year of our Lord.  You’re not that big, shutup. IfContinue reading “Raw Dogging”


Who can afford to live well these days on this floating space rock?! In THIS economy? Anyone? Bueller?  Prezzie Biden, Turtle McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Grandpa Bernie—can y’all please have a meeting of the geriatric minds and find a way to FIX this inflation situation? Y’all can’t keep raising these prices on us without paying usContinue reading “Inflation”