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New Moms

Disclaimer before I offend the fuck out of all of my friends with babies: This is a very selfish post. Just FYI: I’m a selfish person. Which is why I don’t have any children, which requires you to be very UNselfish and ain’t nobody got time fo dat. I like to roll out of bedContinue reading “New Moms”

People Who Don’t Return Grocery Carts

I have had to suppress every single primal urge in my body not to angrily confront people who don’t return their grocery carts to the cart corral more times than I can count. So, I’m going to let out my intense, overwhelming anger about this issue here instead.  Why are you leaving your cart inContinue reading “People Who Don’t Return Grocery Carts”

People Who Back Up Into Parking Spots

Oooooooo look at this cool cat who backed up into his parking spot! What a talent! What an intelligent genius! What a great idea! What a problem solver! SAID NO ONE EVERRRRRRRRRR. What are you accomplishing with this whole charade? Making it easier to pull out of the spot? OKAY, but you made it TENContinue reading “People Who Back Up Into Parking Spots”

Restaurant Etiquette

I just worked through Super Bowl weekend and Valentine’s Day and I have some THOUGHTS, y’all. As someone who has been in the restaurant industry for almost twenty years I have had my fair share of difficult customers. They pop up about once a night to once a week, if you’re lucky. But because IContinue reading “Restaurant Etiquette”


Meditation works wonders for some people and I applaud those people and truly wish that were the case for me. As an overthinker with anxiety and undiagnosed ADD, it’s never benefitted me in the slightest. And trust me I’VE TRIED. In California if you haven’t spent the better part of a year working on yourContinue reading “Meditation”

The HBO Max App

Who designed this thing? I just want to have a chat… HBO Max is an elite streaming service that provides high quality content that apparently is not good enough for regular HBO, which we all already have. It’s is an extra added expense that we have to spend our hard earned cheddar for (although IContinue reading “The HBO Max App”

Social Obligations

First of all, I don’t like being OBLIGATED to do anything. And there are many, many social obligations that my wonderful friends make me feel forced to attend. I guess that’s the little emo rebel in me, but why should I have to attend so many gatherings that I loathe where I’m only going toContinue reading “Social Obligations”


Let me first be clear on what I mean by traveling: I’m not talking about being in other cities and exploring other cultures and trying new food and enjoying exotic destinations. I LOVE to be in places other than my same old neighborhood and familiar locations and stomping grounds. I mean the actual act ofContinue reading “Traveling”