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Ohhhhhh, Vegas. The devil’s playground. Sin City. Where fear and loathing was born. The place where proclivities and addictions are front and center and accepted with open arms.  Everyone should visit Vegas once in their life. Just to see what all of the (undeserved) hype is about. But once is really all you need. Because…whatContinue reading “Vegas”

Conspiracy Theorists

I’m a natural investigator. In fact, I’ve had a burning desire to work for the FBI for the better part of a decade, but the easiest path inside the bureau is to be a cop first, which, Fuk Da Poleeeece. (Just kidding, thank you for your service. I’m just not cut out for a careerContinue reading “Conspiracy Theorists”


I’m trying to understand this bullshit I really am. And every time I try to understand it, I feel like my brain is broken. I fell down a rabbit hole the other day reading articles about crypto and NFTs and felt like I understood LESS than when I had started. Reading sentences like this fromContinue reading “Cryptocurrency/NFTs”

Erewhon (AIR-wahn)

Let’s get one thing straight: I FUCKING LOVE EREWHON. I shop there two to three times a week, spending at least sixty dollars for three to four items and then thank them for allowing me to be financially abused by their services. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t hate them just as much.  IfContinue reading “Erewhon (AIR-wahn)”

Melrose Avenue

I used to love Melrose Avenue. I thought it was quintessential LA vibes with all of the artsy graffiti and kitschy little boutique shops. Now I just think it’s dirty and trashy and full of too many tourists and influencers trying to get a picture in front of the goddamn pink wall at Paul Smith.Continue reading “Melrose Avenue”

Gen Z

Millennials are the elite generation, let’s get that out of the way right now. We grew up both with the internet and without, so we know what it’s like to have to dodge sexual predators in an online chat room as a pre-teen but we also remember what it was like to only be ableContinue reading “Gen Z”

People Who Don’t Return Grocery Carts

I have had to suppress every single primal urge in my body not to angrily confront people who don’t return their grocery carts to the cart corral more times than I can count. So, I’m going to let out my intense, overwhelming anger about this issue here instead.  Why are you leaving your cart inContinue reading “People Who Don’t Return Grocery Carts”

People Who Back Up Into Parking Spots

Oooooooo look at this cool cat who backed up into his parking spot! What a talent! What an intelligent genius! What a great idea! What a problem solver! SAID NO ONE EVERRRRRRRRRR. What are you accomplishing with this whole charade? Making it easier to pull out of the spot? OKAY, but you made it TENContinue reading “People Who Back Up Into Parking Spots”

Restaurant Etiquette

I just worked through Super Bowl weekend and Valentine’s Day and I have some THOUGHTS, y’all. As someone who has been in the restaurant industry for almost twenty years I have had my fair share of difficult customers. They pop up about once a night to once a week, if you’re lucky. But because IContinue reading “Restaurant Etiquette”