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People Who Vape Indoors

The AUDACITY that people who chronically vape have I SWEAR will cause me to snap some day. Smoking your vape INSIDE? As if that smoke is not in ANY way bothering others in your direct vicinity and otherwise? And you KNOW very well that it’s against the law/rules and yet you do it anyway?? Way to be a selfish, entitled piece of shit.

Is vape smoke harmful to others? This is a quote from The American Thoracic Society:

“Yes, second and third-hand smoke [which is smoke that seeps into carpets and furniture] and vaping aerosols contain harmful, toxic and cancer-causing chemicals that can be breathed in. They can go into the body through the skin. These chemicals can be swallowed, as many children put their hands or other objects into their mouths.”

I don’t give a fuck about if it’s harming YOU, but when you blow that shit in my face as an unwilling participant to your proclivities, then we have a problem. Just because it’s flavored with some fruity bullshit doesn’t mean it isn’t bothering me. 

According to John Hopkins Medicine, they actually haven’t thoroughly studied the effects of just how harmful the chemicals and nicotine levels of vape smoke is yet. They know it’s not as bad as an actual cigarette, but that it’s certainly NOT completely non-toxic or safe. And you’re gonna still suck and blow on that little ink cartridge inside like a dipshit as if rules don’t apply to you? 

This is akin to Europeans smoking on an outdoor restaurant patio in California, where smoking is banned and they fucking KNOW IT, blowing their cancer plumes all over the food of innocent people nearby who are now forced into being a victim of their addiction. 

And I get it, it is an ADDICTION and something that is hard to have any sort of control over but don’t make others suffer because of it. Have some manners and go far away from people, preferably into a dark alley behind a dumpster where you belong.  

Vapers think that they are above the gritty dirtiness of cigarette smoking but you’re NOT. It’s still the same shit in a different, prettier packaging. Treat it that way! 

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