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Famous Cheaters

This is probably not going to be about what you think it’s going to be about. I’m not going to go on a rant about cheaters themselves (plus, I already did that in my book, Find Me Somebody to Love, which you can buy on Amazon here LOLZ). This is about people who are so SHOCKED when someone like Adam Levine cheats on his supermodel wife. 

Listen, ladies. You CANNOT marry a famous rockstar or professional athlete UNLESS you are okay with being cheated on. WOoOOooOO HOT TAKE. But y’all know it’s true. The women who marry men with these professions must have some kind of understanding along the lines of, “I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I want and you’re gonna turn a blind eye to it. Here is millions of dollars to wipe your tears with.” Because to ask, or even THINK, that these men are going to be faithful is hilarious. 

(Actors fit into the “danger zone” because they literally simulate sex with half naked hot people as their JOB, have a lot of fans, and egos the size of Texas, but they’re not a ten out of ten in the cheat department from my experience. I dunno why. I think they’re just less “accessible.”) 

Rockstars have inhibition-less pussy literally thrown at them under drug and alcohol induced hazes every night and athletes travel to different cities during the season where they are worshipped for their talents and huge…feet. And men aren’t exactly masters of controlling their sexual urges, especially when it’s that easy. It’s like dropping a gambling addict into the middle of a Vegas casino and telling him to just observe.  

Omg Adam Levine slid into the DM’s of a bunch of gals on Insta?! You DON’T say! Shaq revealed that he cheated on his wife THROUGHOUT his NBA career? Color me AGHAST! Tristan Thompson knocked some other woman up when he was engaged to Khloe? WILD! Except…not. 

We have to be disgusted regardless and hold them responsible for their behavior, especially if we are the wife/girlfriend and do not have some kind of open relationship agreement in place. But for strangers on the internet to be STUNNED by philandering celebrities is…silly. 

“Oh my God, Adam. She is a VICTORIA’S SECRET model.” As if he gives a shit. 

“Jay-Z, your wife is BEYONCE. How could you?” All of the romanticizing about being married to a bad bitch queen goes out the window when there is a new, easy, willing, hole attached to a loose body present and begging for it. 

“Tiger Woods, what kind of example are you setting for your children?!” Um, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a second thought about his children while he is thousands of miles away from them, getting all of the validation he wants and needs from numerous hot girls. 

Gross and unacceptable? Yeah. Surprising? NAWWWWWWW.

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