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When I was a little girl, I was a narc-y little snatch with my brothers because I was immature and vengeful and wanted to see my sibs in trouble. I would scream, “MOMMMMMuhhhhhh” anytime I was mistreated, called a name, slapped, kicked, or made fun of. Which was…a lot. 

As a fully grown human being now, however, you won’t catch me tattling on ANYONE because SNITCHES GET STITCHES and I am a fucking ADULT and if I have a problem with someone I tell them to their face, most especially, but not limited to, in a workplace environment. I don’t need to tell management or HR or any other higher up about an issue UNLESS it is an actual CRIME which obviously needs to follow a certain protocol. (Or it’s repeated disrespectful behavior or treatment blah, blah, blah. There are caveats, of course.) 

But I’m not talking about felonies and misdemeanors. I’m talking about petty little problems or arguments that occur frequently within diverse groups of people with wildly different personalities that can be moved past with an apology and a promise to handle things differently next time. Why would that kind of issue, between two fully grown adults, ever need the intervention of a higher ranking person? What good does that fucking do?! 

It’s a part of life that you’re not going to get along with everyone and that sometimes you’ll have a bad day and complain or cop an attitude. And maybe this behavior in others doesn’t doesn’t bother me so much because I also OFTEN have bad days and am NOT quiet about it. (LOL, help meee.)  

“Um, manager Buttface, Lauren and I snapped at each other and it hurt my feelings, so I’m gonna be a snake and let you know about it because you being involved in the drama too somehow makes me feel seen.” 

Can you IMAGINE doing that kind of kindergarten bullshit to a co-worker?! Maybe you can because you yourself are a little Narc-y fucking snitch. But I have a much different MO. I am not a helpless little drama queen who needs mom and dad to help mitigate conflict. Lets fucking take this outside and THROW HANDS on off hours, bitch! Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that either. But a little communication goes a long way in every single relationship that exists, whether it be personal, professional, romantic etc. Most things can be solved through mature discourse between flawed humans once they’re no longer heated. 

I just don’t like people who go BEHIND MY BACK. Have some balls, guts, whatever to talk to me to my face like God intended. I feel like a Republican dad from the south when I say this, but everyone has gotten too SOFT. Man up, square up, and lets air out our grievances the old fashioned way: over drinks at the local watering hole.

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