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An internal monologue I had while watching the critically acclaimed show, Narcos: Mexico

“Oh, who is this very plain looking white girl I’ve never seen with this big ass recurring guest star role on one of the best shows on Netflix? Let me IMDb her…”

*While IMDb loads*

“Please let me be surprised. Please let my assumptions be wrong. Please let this person really just be some lesser known actor who killed it in their audition.”

“Ahhh, of course, there it is: Sosie Bacon. Kevin mother fucking Bacon’s daughter. The inventor of the six degrees of separation game. Also Kyra Sedgwick’s daughter. DOUBLE nepotism. Cool, cool, cool.” 

Was Sosie Bacon good in Narcos: Mexico? I mean, yeah, she was good. I have seven actor friends who could’ve done that role just as well or maybe better. But their last name isn’t BACON so they had no chance to begin with. 

Gwen Paltrow just made headlines recently about how being the child of famous parents means she had to work TWICE as hard as others in the acting business. Because there was a lot of expectation put on her. Mmmmmmkay. So tone deaf I want to scream. Gwennie, imagine going to the best acting conservatory in the WORLD and not even being able to get auditions. Imagine grinding away for ten years in this industry and not even having a single network TV credit. Imagine not even CONSIDERING sleeping with a producer to help get your foot in the door.

I think this business is SLIGHTLY less advantageous for those of us who don’t have STEVEN SPIELBERG as a contact in our phones. This business is all about who you know and you grew up knowing ALL the people that mattered whether you wanted to or not! Shut the fuck up! 

The chumps from Iowa who got dumped off the bus here in their early 20s began the Hollywood race at the starting line while all of the Nepotism Kids have already lapped them three times. 

EVERY industry has some nepotism involved. Obviously parents and relatives want their children/nieces/nephews/cousins etc. to get in the door the easy way if they have the means to help. But no other industry gatekeeps the way the entertainment industry does. Adding the element of NOTORIETY helps to sell shows. Why wouldn’t they choose Sosie Bacon to play a role in their show knowing that Kevin Bacon, who has 2.2M Instagram followers, will probably, at the very least, post a quick story about it?

Should Nepotism Kids feel bad about their position? I mean, it’s not their fault. But this is like white privilege. At least drop as many iterations of, “I recognize how easy it has been for me to break into this industry” into every single interview that you have and we won’t even be mad about it, fam! DON’T be like Gwyneth’s Goop-y ass and make us want to punch you in the face.

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