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Abortion Rights

Let me give you a little background on where my street cred for this issue lies: I grew up in the dead ass center of the middle west of America in a very conservative, Catholic household. I reluctantly had to hear Fox News penetrating into my brain on the daily. I went to local pro-life rallies as a child, holding up poster board of pictures of dead fetuses in sub-zero temperatures in downtown Indianapolis and even went to the national March for Life rally in D.C. when I was a junior in high school. This abortion issue is complicated and nuanced and I feel like I have seen and heard every side of it.

I truly don’t understand why so many people are so HELLBENT on protecting the “UNBORN.” Why don’t we protect the ACTUAL BORN by putting more regulations on guns so that our fully formed children aren’t lit up with bullets from under-regulated MURDER MACHINES in their classrooms? Oh, sorry. We can’t debate about guns because it’s protected by the CoNsTiTuTiOn. Welp, guess what else is? A woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body which is protected by the *checks notes* 14th Amendment. 

Quick question—why do any of you care what someone who is not you chooses to do with their own body? How does it affect YOUR life in any fucking way? While we are at it can I piggyback on there, why do you same people care who someone chooses to love and marry? Y’all give so much ENERGY to things that have no negative consequences for your own life and for WHAT?! Because of your judgmental ass religion?! I can assure you that God would rather you love your neighbor than bully them into submission like we’re in some fucking middle ages, underdeveloped, regressive society. 

Separate the mutha fuckin’ CHURCH from the mutha fuckin’ STATE, y’all. Please, I’m begging you. Your religious beliefs have no place in this discourse. This is a medical and ethical topic that has to take into account the health and future of the CARRIER (and yes, I’m using that choice of word pejoratively). NO ONE should be able to tell a woman to carry a clump of cells to term because of a mistake, a rape, or an unhealthy baby. It is certainly a privilege for us to be able to have freewheeling sex with multiple partners and we should be as safe as possible about that privilege. But, my brother in Christ, I was taught ABSTINENCE ONLY in school. There were no instances of us practicing putting a condom on a banana. It was solely, “don’t have sex until you’re married or you’re a filthy little slut.” Not everyone is given a proper sexual education nor do they have the resources for accessing birth control. Thank your GOD that places like Planned Parenthood exist, but what happens to the girl who was coerced into unprotected sex and got preggo before she can even drive and has parents who subscribe to a fire and brimstone type of religion. You want to force that CHILD to have her own child and completely change the course of her life? That’s whack. Thankfully I was a prude in high school so there were no pregnancy scares for me.

And also, why would God make sex feel so good if it was supposed to be used SOLELY for procreation. That feels…unfair. No, but for real. Sex is a way to express love. Not everyone wants their physical love to result in eighteen years of a mouth to feed, schooling to pay for, play dates, dentist’s appointments, etc etc forever. I also would not want to be tied to a single ex of mine for shared custody. I would sooner die.  

I don’t LIKE the concept of abortion. I’m not championing unprotected sexcapades. I was on the pill for ten billion years because I was terrified of having to face the reality of unwanted pregnancy and didn’t think I would have the guts to go through with termination. But accidents do happen. People make mistakes. And the majority of those people are ill-equipped for sudden, unplanned parenthood. GiVe ThE bAbY uP fOr AdOpTiOn. Um, naw. That’s way too much trauma to put my body, heart, mind, and soul through. Abortion is probably also traumatic, but undoubtably less so. I think I speak for the majority of women when I say an abortion is not something we would ever take LIGHTLY. 

The only reason Roe v Wade is potentially going to be overturned is because the Supreme Court was packed with conservative judges while Trump was president and those conservative judges can only see through their male dominant, religious lenses. 

“If men got pregnant you could get an abortion at an ATM.” – Selena Meyer, Veep

As the Kween Kamala Harris questioned a befuddled Brett Kavanaugh before he was thrust into the SCOTUS despite him being a sexual predator, she asked, “Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the MALE body?” He pretended to be confused by the question before finally conceding NO. The Supreme Court could never and would never regulate anything about a man’s body. Double mother fucking standards and I’m OVER it. 

NO MAN SHOULD BE ALLOWED IN THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS ON WHAT A WOMAN CAN OR CAN’T DO WITH HER OWN BODY. Periodt. Full stop. And by the way, most men benefit from the abortions that women have, don’t even trip. How many conservative members of Congress have had to pay for an abortion for their side piece? Oop! You make mistakes sometimes too! 

What is this Handmaid’s Tale, dystopian society we are creating? Or RE-creating? Do we want another Revolutionary Road era where desperate housewives are killing themselves while attempting an at-home butchered abortion because their red state won’t allow them to have one and they can’t afford to travel elsewhere? Think of the repercussions for this insane decision to overturn Roe for poor people in Texas or Oklahoma. Those women will find a way to get rid of their unwanted pregnancy, but they may die in the process. But sure, lets protect the poor little unwanted fetus over the full grown woman. 

I’m so grateful I live in California. My right to choose will always be protected. But I don’t like to see our country being on the wrong side of history. 

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