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People Who Don’t Return Grocery Carts

I have had to suppress every single primal urge in my body not to angrily confront people who don’t return their grocery carts to the cart corral more times than I can count. So, I’m going to let out my intense, overwhelming anger about this issue here instead. 

Why are you leaving your cart in the middle of the parking lot for someone else to deal with when the corral is no more than twenty feet from your lazy ass? “iT’s sOmEoNe’s JoB tO gAtHerR tHeM Up.” It’s PART of someone’s job to gather up carts from the corral and bring them back into the store. Leaving them all over the goddamn place willy nilly will make their job exponentially harder. You know what else is part of someone’s job? To pick up all of the trash inside of a movie theater after a movie lets out. But do I leave my bullshit there for that usher to clean up because it’s part of their job?? NO. Because I’m not a piece of shit. If you are really that fucking lazy then park literally right next to the corral the next time you go to get your gluttonous foods to shove into your fat little pig mouth. And it’s one thing to just leave the cart in the middle of the lot, but it’s ten thousand times more offensive when a little dickwad leaves the cart in the middle of an ACTUAL PARKING SPACE next to where they parked, therefore making it unparkable. There is a special place in hell, a hell where Nickleback and Creed play on a never-ending loop and you get constantly anally probed by an un-lubed, extra large dildo, in a temperature that never dips below two hundred degrees, for those people. Don’t be a menace to society and just fucking return your cart, you slothful, indolent douchewanker. 

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Actress, writer, lover.

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